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SNYS: latest progress

Sorry, I’ve been tremendously busy recently and haven’t had much time to work on the existing bugs in SNYS. I do hope to be able to patch a few up this Christmas, and also write some diagnostic scripts which may help track down why some people just can’t use it at all. (This is still really baffling me.)

I have a new version which traps some syncing bugs more effectively for those who can use it, which I will upload later today.

  • Anson

    I got this error when I first tried running SNYS:

    “Fatal error: Class ‘SQLite3’ not found in /Applications/Simplenote Yojimbo on line 85”.

    Might it have to do with the fact that I’ve moved the Yojimbo database folder to my Dropbox folder (with symlink to such folder)?

  • Jelle

    I get the exact same error message.

  • Dave

    I have your script running at login and I love it. Thanks a ton!

    One little nit I encountered relates to how encrypted notes in Yojimbo are synced. If you create a new note in Yojimbo, encrypt it with Item > Encrypt, add it to the “Simplenote” collection, and then run SNYS, the note will be visible in plain text via Simplenote. I expect the encrypted note would either 1) not be synced with Simplenote, 2) be synced with Simplenote with SNYS explicitly documenting this behavior, or 3) to be synced as an encrypted item in Simplenote. As Simplenote doesn’t support encryption, #3 isn’t an option, so either #1 or #2 would do. My preference, although only because it avoids some security concerns is #1.

    In any case, this isn’t an urgent issue. The most important thing is that you know you’ve made an incredibly useful product. Thanks again.

  • Tuomo Suominen

    Tried running the SNYS script and immediately got this error message: “Can’t make ‘0.31’ into type real”. See screenshot Running Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and Yojimbo 2.1.

  • Phil

    What a fantastic script! I am currently looking for an Evernote alternative that will allow me to sync notes to / from the cloud across Windows and Mac. This will do the trick as I like the look of what Yojimbo can do, and I am Mac based at home.

    Thank you!!

  • Hey there –

    Are you still actively developing this syncing script? If not, I would be interested in taking it over, or adding some things to it. Specifically, the ability to sync tags between simplenote and yojimbo, as well as some bug fixes. (I’m getting duplicated notes within simplenote after the initial sync, as well as some blank notes within simplenote after subsequent syncs).

    Cheers, Matthew

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