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Minimal Ink Experiment

I am really quite bad when it comes to Ink Philandering. I just am not made to stay with just one ink; I refill pens at least once a day with some other colour which I feel will suit whatever paper it is I am writing on more, or suit the pen more, or because I feel more in a Diamine Dark Brown mood than a Noodler’s El Lawrence… it is striking me as a little pathological.

So. I have picked one ink – Waterman Black, a reliable and fast-drying ink, good for all sorts of paper – and I am planning to use that for the next… well, I had originally thought “month” but that might be a bit too long. Fortnight, let’s say. I have loaded all of my normal pens with it, apart from the Kaweco Sport that I have loaded with red and use to make corrections and annotations after the fact (this does not count; this piece of asceticism is only for writing pens). The idea is that I will concentrate more on the actual writing. Let’s see how effective this actually is, in practice.

  • Rhianon Jameson

    I’m something of an Ink Philanderer myself, though I’ve been heartbroken so many times when a relationship that started out promisingly ended badly – that pretty Noodler’s Manhattan Blue with the zeppelin flying over New York on the label refusing to write in the Pelikan, for example – that I tend to stick with ink x in pen y once I find a happy marriage.

    I think that metaphor shifted over two sentences. Ah well.

    Good luck with actually writing anything. I find that this is the stage in the process that is most prone to failure.

  • I find the writing part relatively easy – the “writing anything worthwhile” part is a bit harder, though.