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A Traveler’s Notebook supplier: Glassworks Studios

Fairly quick post, this: previously when I’ve referred to the Midori Traveler’s Notebook and related products, I’ve linked to The Journal Shop, because they were the only people I knew who sold them in the UK. I consider that a decent reason, and I certainly have no complaints about their service.

However, I recently found a link to another shop, Glassworks Studios, which is not specifically a stationery seller and thus probably does not google very highly for notebooks. They do however have an awful lot of Traveler’s Notebook accessories. Supplies of refills and basic products can be a bit erratic with different suppliers, and the Journal Shop has sold out of a lot of refills recently, and hasn’t had updates for months now.

I bought two of the lightweight paper refills from Glassworks and had them delivered very quickly at a good price. There is an important point to make here, though. They have a flat rate for delivery of £6.50 which is based on their general product line – clothes, bags, other heavy sorts of items. Obviously this is a bit much for a couple of items of stationery. I emailed them and they were very happy to send the refills by regular first class post, and refund me the difference. Apparently they are going to update their site with differential postage rates, but until that takes place, you are advised to:

  1. Order and pay as usual, including the delivery charge;
  2. Send them an email saying that you would like to have delivery by Royal Mail instead;
  3. Receive a refund.

(I did enquire whether this would be all right to mention for other people to use, and they said yes.)

  • Rhianon Jameson

    I thought about ordering the notebook but had several reservations, not the least of which was having to order refills from abroad. For those in the U.S., a similar refillable notebook is the Chameleon ( I received mine the other day, and I’m still breaking in the leather, but it’s quite nice. (I might not be in love yet, but we’re still dating.) The included paper is fountain pen friendly, but one advantage for me is that the journal takes 8 1/2 x 11″ paper folded in half, and will use the larger Moleskine Cahir notebooks in a pinch.

  • archon

    I think that there are some places in the US that sell Traveler’s Stuff, but it never gets that cheap. The non-standard paper size can be irritating too, even if the Midori refills are very good quality. (The lightweight paper refills are a little better value as they have 128 pages, working out to three point something pence per page.)

  • Jan_may

    Hi Just read your posts on the travellers notebook -I have the passport size midori travellers notebook which is a delight and so far I have not encountered any of the problems you mentioned, plus it is a great handbag size and the notepaper is perforated so can be torn out and put into the larger one if needed – also – muji sells a passport notebook of the same size for only 99p. I also have an Artemis put together notebook which is A5 size but I cannot find any stockists in the UK for refills.

  • archon

    Oh yes, I have one of those Muji notebooks – they’re very cute.