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Odd patterns on colour negatives

Scanning some colour negatives that I got back this afternoon, I find that several of them have faint blurry white spots in a diagonal grid pattern on them. This mostly seems to appear on bright ones which have a lot of blue sky on them, but then that could just be because I only notice the spots against a bright blue – a couple indoors have noticeable ones too.

This is with the Olympus XA, so it could be something to do with the camera – I noticed that the bit which presses on the film inside the back of the camera, whatever that’s called, has holes in it – but I’ve not noticed it on any shots I’ve taken on black and white film and developed myself. (Admittedly, shots on other rolls were all in fairly poor light, as opposed to Thursday’s brightness.) I’ve never seen it on other scans using the same film, either. It could be development… this is just at the local Snappy Snaps, and while they are nice there I’m not that sure about their development process. Most of my colour films from there have looked rather washed out, from a number of cameras.

Any thoughts?

  • John the Monkey

    Does the plate that presses the film (usually mounted to the back of the film door) have that pattern?  It reminds me of that, slightly, which could indicate a roll whose backing was allowing more light through (and reflecting back off the pressure plate) than usual.  

  • ordinal

    I did think that, and I can’t check right now, but with the other XAs I have the plate doesn’t have any holes (there are lots of little depressed bits, but they’re not all the way through, and they’re much smaller than the blobs there, and also not diagonal). I developed a roll of HP5+ that I took with the XA directly afterwards, and it’s fine with none of these, even though they were in quite bright sun. I have a feeling it’s the film and/or the development.