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Pictures from the Easter city – Lubitel 2, Rollei Retro 80S

I got a roll of 120 Rollei Retro 80S a while ago and decided, on Friday, that it was sunny enough to try it out – so I loaded it into my Lubitel 2, went out to where the City meets the East End, and wandered about in the Easter Bank Holiday emptiness.

The above were scanned at 2400 DPI, which provides images that are about 27 megapixels, and even then there’s very little grain visible. I don’t think there’s a lot of point in scanning at much higher resolution given the lens, but that’s quite impressive performance. (For the record, the roll was pre-soaked for a bit, then developed in fresh Ilfotec LC29 at 1+19 dilution for 5 minutes, then fixed for 3 in Ilford Rapid Fixer.) This is the first of the Rollei Retro series of films that I’ve tried but it’s a good start. It isn’t vastly expensive, either, and even comes in a nice canister rather than a crushable card box.

I also decided to try using the Sunny 16 rule with it, setting the shutter speed to 1/60 and then altering the aperture, which worked… reasonably, I suppose. I always seem to err on the side of underexposing at the moment which is the wrong way to err. Thank god for curve editing. I’ll get it eventually.

  • If you like this, have you tried the Adox/Efke CHS films? 25 & 50 ISO.  Definitely only for large apertures and/or bright weather, but very nice.  

    Developed in rodinal, they have really nice grain.

  • ordinal

    I have a couple of low-speed Adox rolls in 35mm, but I’ve not tried them yet – I was put off a bit by the idea that I might need a special developer for them.

  • If you can beg a little bottle of R09 off someone, the stuff is used in sips – I can’t remember the exact dilution I used, but 1:80 and 1:100 are fairly typical, as I recall.  If you do end up having to buy a bottle, it lasts forever too 🙂

    Looking back at my photos, I’ve used R09 on some other films too, so it’s not just for Efke 🙂  (my stuff done with Adox films, or R09 developer).