About this site

This is an infrequently updated blog, that was started with the aim of the subjects of…

  • organisational software
  • GTD and organisational systems
  • notebooks – the paper things – and general stationery
  • not anything about social media, particularly F*ceb**k

but, you know, I’ve been terribly busy. You know how it is. Nowadays, I have started to write mostly about ink and pens, and it has picked up a bit.

Daisychase“, I picked because I needed a domain name quite frankly, but it sounds like a pleasantly pointless activity.

Links to shops

For some reason, a lot of bloggers seem to feel the need to put a disclaimer about their lack of connection to any sellers or shops that they link to or mention. I certainly don’t have any financial interest in any here – I link specifically to sites where I bought a product if I can, and if not, I link to somewhere representative. If by some chance I do start selling ink or know somebody personally I will mention it, but otherwise I’m not going to go through and say “no affiliation just a satisfied customer!” after everything.