Jinhao “Long March” fountain pen

After hearing about some outrageously decorated pens by the Chinese company Jinhao, available for basically buttons and of good quality, I decided that I had to at least try one. Nothing actually with dragons with gemstones for eyes around the cap or anything like that, but something reasonably subdued. There are several people selling Jinhao pens on eBay, and many, many models – in the end I settled on the one below, a commemorative model of the “Long March” in a display box for £22.68 from the “Go To School” eBay shop. Including shipping from Hong Kong. That is really not a lot of money for a posh pen.

Most of the “commemorative” models appear to be pretty much the same pen, with different styling; there are assorted ones of years, and historical emperors and scientists and so on. I picked the above as it had only two colours and no swirls, gemstones etc, unlike most commemorative models, but was still reasonable showy. It took two weeks from the time of purchase to arrive, which seems quite fair for something coming by regular post from the other side of the world – I’ve had packages take longer than that to arrive from the US.

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The Schneider iD fountain pen

I recently saw these on Cultpens, and thought that I might depart from my usual range of Lamys and try something slightly new. As of time of writing, the description of these pens on the catalog page of Cultpens is simply “Weird”.

It’s an absurd-looking pen, but has a certain charm if you like that sort of thing. The cap is immense – the photos really don’t do it justice – and the clip on it is bizarrely huge as well. (I bought one with green trim, but it is available in a number of colours.) The body is a translucent black plastic which shows the cartridge or convertor. It is overall lighter in weight than one might think, though, yet it’s solid in construction – it doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy at all.

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