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A simple hand-drawn tileset for Hex Kit

Some free hand-drawn Hex Kit tiles that solve some issues I was having with other tiles.

Subdivided hexes in HexKit

I made an example of subdividing big six mile hexes into small, five-across, 1.2 mile hexes, as used by Filling In The Blanks.

Set 4 - Six Normal Geomorphs

I forgot that there I'd done some more geomorphs, so here they are - normal-sized 10x10 ones.

More geomorphs - corners, edges, skinny ones

After drawing some normal-sized geomorphs I did a couple more sets that can be used for the edges of maps, as well as some skinny ones to allow 10x10 geomorphs to be shifted along a bit.

Save vs spell is bad

I'm getting tired of RPG spells which have saving throws.

Zettelkasten permalinks

A permalink callback implemented with Zettelkasten IDs, just to be even more nerdy about this.

Adding Zettelkasten IDs and links

A quick look at Zettelkasten IDs, how they can be used within Markdown blogs like this one for permalinking, and short details about how I implemented this.

I've been making geomorphs

I've been making geomorphs. These are 10x10 square segments of map with two exits in specific places on each side. I came across them from reading Dyson's blog; his are much better than mine of course but I don't care.

Chapbook creator - now with pocketmod

The markdown-to-chapbook tool now has a Pocketmod option.

Markdown to Chapbook convertor

I made a web tool that will convert suitably-spaced Markdown text to an HTML file that looks normal when you view it in a browser, but prints to be a chapbook in the Pocketfold format.

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