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Diamine Amazing Amethyst vs some other purples

“Amazing Amethyst” does sound a bit like a type of chewing gum, but Diamine’s Amazing Amethyst ink is really quite a pleasant one, if not truly amazing. For reference I compared it to a couple of other purplish inks – J Herbin Poussière de Lune, and Diamine Imperial Purple. Unfortunately the pictures don’t really show very much difference, but you might as well see them, considering I took them.

P. de Lune shades well and dries to a greyish mauve, which while pleasant and easy to read might be a little too muted for some people. On the other hand, Diamine Imperial Purple is a very vibrant ink with a strong purple colour. I found that the Amethyst was between the two in a very usable way – not so bright that it looks like paint or a gel pen, but slightly more colourful than P. de Lune. If you’ve tried the latter and thought “hmm, this is just slightly too grey for me, I’d like a little more colour” then you should get hold of some of this. I could certainly write quite a bit with this ink without it annoying me.