a comparison of sundry reds


Having recently received (a) a number of nice new red inks and (b) a nice new scanner, I thought I would combine the two and compare a few different reds to each other.

A selection of different red inks, next to each other.

As you can see, I have a number of red inks, which is odd because I rarely use them - I annotate things in red but don't write anything apart from that in it, and don't draw or colour with the stuff. Still, Diamine make some gorgeous reds, and their 30ml bottles are inexpensive.

From top to bottom for the benefit of search engines:

and some other reds not from bottled ink, why not, pixels are cheap:

All of the bottled ink samples were written with a J Herbin glass dip pen. The paper is Black n Red 90gsm lined, from an A4 ringbound book.

You can see that the Syrah really isn't desperately red and is more of a reddish mauve - I do like violets/mauves/purples and have a few so might include it in a future comparison post on those.

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