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SNYS v0.4, “Delete all Simplenotes” script, sundry data duplication issues

A few people have mentioned that SNYS seems to be duplicating notes recently, which I experienced myself. I’m not entirely sure what caused this – perhaps a brief Simplenote blip – but after some testing, I can say that after resetting sync by deleting all my Simplenotes and re-uploading, SNYS is behaving fine for me.

I’ve added a page that explains how to reset sync – basically, quit SNYS, delete everything in either Yojimbo or Simplenote, and then run SNYS again. Because it is a pain to delete everything in Simplenote manually, and there are often metadata worth preserving in Yojimbo, I’ve also uploaded the script I use to delete all of my Simplenotes automatically, which I’ve had to use while testing a few times.

Finally, I’ve uploaded version 0.4 of SNYS, which is basically the same as the previous one but has some more data checks to try to make sure that, if there is a communication issue, it is less likely to duplicate your notes. If it finds what it thinks is a zero note count in either Yojimbo or Simplenote, it will ask you to confirm before syncing. The auto-update function should alert you of this, or you can get it from the usual page.