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Colour Implosion

A little while ago I was at Silverprint buying some paper and saw rolls of ADOX Colo(u)r Implosion film on the counter. “Imploding Colours! Bursting Red! Toxic Green!” it said on the canister. This is a Lomo film isn’t it? But it was pretty cheap and, you know, why not, so I bought a roll as well as the rest of the junk I was buying.

Researching it on the net, the suggestion is that it was a ruined batch of 800 ISO colour aerial film. People suggested shooting it at between 100 and 400, so when I went to a photography meetup on Easter Monday I thought I’d give that a try – shooting 12 frames at 100, 12 at 200 and 12 at 400. Here are some scans – I’ve messed with levels slightly on some of them, but not changed colours. (Correcting for the green tint isn’t hard but in this situation seems a bit silly.)

EI 100

roll346_02 roll346_04 roll346_09

So this is really green then. And also, at EI 100 (that’s Exposure Index i.e. the ISO that I exposed the film at) pretty over-exposed. And also very grainy.

EI 200

roll346_14 roll346_19 roll346_23

So these are all very green too, and grainier. I suppose there’s a very slight blue cast too.

EI 400

roll346_28 roll346_29 roll346_31

Some red! Not all that bursting though I have to say. Basically still very green and even grainier, to quite ridiculous levels here.

At the end of it all I wasn’t that impressed by this film. I didn’t see any colour shifts between different speeds and it was absurdly grainy at all of them. Like a lot of expired or damaged film, I think it might be best when used to take pictures of one large thing rather than complex crowd scenes like the ones here which rather require detail.

(The camera was a Minolta Dynax 5 with 50mm/f1.7 prime, for the record.)