Conversations with my cameras #1: the Sony A900

Me: “Sorry, A900, but I think I’m going to sell you.”

A900: “What? But why?”

Me: “Well, it’s just that you cost loads and I don’t have the money. And, you know, I don’t use you much.”

A900: “But wait, what did I do wrong? You love the Dynax 9, right? That’s why you bought me in the first place! How am I worse than the Dynax 9? Do I take worse pictures?”

Me: “Well, no, but you don’t shoot film…”

A900: “Don’t give me that ‘film’ nonsense, you bought me because you were sick of the quality of image quality from the Dynax 9. Do I or do I not take really great pictures?”

Me: “Yes, you do.”

A900: “Don’t I have a really great viewfinder? Don’t I have all the manual controls that the 9 has? Isn’t my autofocus and everything as good or better? Doesn’t my battery never run out? What have I done wrong here?”

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