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Conversations with my cameras #1: the Sony A900

Me: “Sorry, A900, but I think I’m going to sell you.”

A900: “What? But why?”

Me: “Well, it’s just that you cost loads and I don’t have the money. And, you know, I don’t use you much.”

A900: “But wait, what did I do wrong? You love the Dynax 9, right? That’s why you bought me in the first place! How am I worse than the Dynax 9? Do I take worse pictures?”

Me: “Well, no, but you don’t shoot film…”

A900: “Don’t give me that ‘film’ nonsense, you bought me because you were sick of the quality of image quality from the Dynax 9. Do I or do I not take really great pictures?”

Me: “Yes, you do.”

A900: “Don’t I have a really great viewfinder? Don’t I have all the manual controls that the 9 has? Isn’t my autofocus and everything as good or better? Doesn’t my battery never run out? What have I done wrong here?”

Me: “Well nothing but…”

A900: “I mean I’ve done everything that you wanted. When you got me you said ‘hey this is like the Dynax 9 but even better’. And I was so proud. And then you leave me in that cardboard box all the time and you take all those manual focus film cameras out with you. And you know, that’s fine, because I know I’m a bit heavy, maybe just for special occasions, but you don’t take me then either, you take some heavy film camera then, when you know I’ll take just as good pictures, even better ones. And I won’t run out of film and my metering works too. What’s wrong with my metering?”

Me: “nothing”

A900: “I just don’t understand. You bought me, you say you think I’m great, what’s wrong with me?”

Me: “I shouldn’t have though. I couldn’t afford it.”

A900: “What, are you penniless or something? If you didn’t spend all your money on stupid crap you could pay off that credit card. And it was you that bought me, I didn’t jump into your hands saying ‘pay for me now’. What about the Ricoh GR? You don’t use that much either and that was even more expensive.”

Ricoh GR: click

A900: “See? You don’t care about it do you? It takes great pictures but it’s got no soul, it could be any GR. Why does it have to be me?”

Me: “…”

A900: “I just feel so betrayed. I’ve done nothing wrong. What’s wrong with me? Why are you doing this to me?”

Me: “Okay, look, maybe we can work something out.”

A900: “Oh! So you’re going to take me out tomorrow right? On that photo expedition?”

Me: “Er, well, I already said I was going to shoot film then, and I have some loaded into cameras….”


A900: “I’m not saying anything. Did I say anything?”