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Midori Traveler’s Notebook Film Pocket Sticker

I picked up a pack of these while buying another lightweight paper refill at JP Books1. I increasingly stick Instax pictures into my journal, so the idea of something that makes this simpler than carrying around tape interested me.


The pack contains six sheets of three pockets each, with each one being able to hold a credit card sized object—for instance an Instax picture, but also tickets, receipts, any random rubbish really. The pockets are plastic film with glue around the edges and a slit at the top through which you can insert your emphemera. They seem sturdy enough despite being thin.

Two advantages of this over double sided tape or glue are that (a) it protects the item, and (b) said item is also removable should you ever want to take it out or replace it.

A full sheet of these doesn’t quite fit into the TN plastic pocket insert where I keep far too much junk already. However if you cut the sheet into three you can put the individual pockets in without trouble.

I like the direction that Midori are going with accessories like this—they help make the TN into a general purpose physical memory capture device with the benefits of scrapbook and journal, which is precisely what I like about mine. It’s the same mentality as the Instax and I’d be very surprised if they hadn’t thought of it when releasing it.

  1. I recommend this shop just off Piccadilly Circus if you’re in London and want to buy Traveler’s Notebook accessories. Not only do they have pretty much everything, they have very good prices.