i've been making geomorphs

I've been making geomorphs. These are 10x10 square segments of map with two exits in specific places on each side. They can be arranged and rotated to make a larger map, and theoretically are all compatible with each other, though in practice the overall map can look very strange.

I found them while reading Dyson's blog. I decided to start off by copying his style a bit. Of course, he's been making them for over a decade, so his are a lot better than mine. But if a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing badly.

I'm finding it very relaxing. I use my reMarkable 2 rather than my iPad, because drawing things on the reMarkable is a lot more restful, and it feels more like paper, yet is easily exported. The resolution is quite poor on the exports but it's not a problem for use on a VTT.

Obviously you wouldn't want to use them to make any sort of proper dungeon because they don't necessarily make any sense in combination - it's more of a pastime and mental exercise. They could be useful for environments which don't make sense anyway though... chaos dimensions, any office building over a hundred square metres, IKEA. (In fact I am working on some office geomorphs, for when you need to build a huge confusing place that makes no sense and is also very boring, which I have needed to do a few times and not had the resources.)

Here's the full set of six I did as one image, with an alpha background - click for full size:

20x30 geomorph

If you want the individual tiles themselves, you can download them as a ZIP of PNGs. They're formatted for Roll20 or any VTT that uses 70px squares.

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