more geomorphs - corners, edges, skinny ones

After drawing some normal-sized geomorphs I did a couple more sets that can be used for the edges of maps, as well as some skinny ones to allow 10x10 geomorphs to be shifted along a bit.

As usual, the downloads are split up into transparent PNGs, with preview images below. This time I decided to make the downloads 140px per square, which is double-sized for roll20 use but does make them look a bit better.

I changed style a little - individual geomorphs now have a thick line around them (apart from at the exits) even if they have no walls on the edge, which should make edge walls on adjacent geomorphs more visible. Also I'm hatching across all blank space, which is more time-consuming but I am doing it to waste time in the first place.

Set 2Set 3
Eight corners, four sides.Four "skinny" (5x10), four normal-sized. (1.6Mb) (1.7Mb)
preview of set 2preview of set 3

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