subdivided hexes in hexkit

#maps #hexkit

I made an example of subdividing big six mile hexes into small, five-across, 1.2 mile hexes, as used by Filling In The Blanks, in HexKit.

Subdivided hex map

Imagine these represent three big hexes - top left and bottom being grassland, top right being forest. I didn't populate the sub-hexes using FITB, I just made them up. The point was to check how easy it was to split a larger scale map out into smaller scale maps and, you know, it wasn't that hard.

Here is the HexKit map file that I used for this - you will need to have the "HK-Fantasyland" tile pack to display it. The default pack doesn't have corner-to-corner lines, which is what I used to mark out the hex borders.

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