a simple hand-drawn tileset for hex kit

#hexkit #maps

I created some tiles for Hex Kit that were meant to solve some issues that I had with existing tilesets, specifically:

  1. Colours were generally linked to terrain icons, which is less use if you want to make a black-and-white map. I split out my terrain icons from coloured hexes, so you could have a colour layer that you could easily turn off while using the same icons, admittedly at the cost of having to do two layers.
  2. I never found that the roads in tileset packs were good, and also they frequently linked to hex corners rather than faces. I may have gone overboard with this, as this pack has eight different colours of multiple variants of connections between hex faces 1-6. But there are a lot of roads if you want them. They can also be used as arbitrary dividing lines.
  3. Building icons tended to be far too "fantasy". The ones in this pack are more generic and also include tower blocks for high-density urban sci-fi/modern use.

It's on itch.io here: https://ordinal-m.itch.io/hk-ordinal-simple

It's free and there is no restriction on how you can use the tiles (apart from not simply reselling the whole pack unmodified).

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