dungeon23 update, week 1 (and 0)

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I've started to put scans of my Dungeon23 pages in an archive.

In weeks 0 (i.e. the last week of 2022, which included 1st Jan 2023) and 1, I've been working on a Haunted Oasis. I began with the setting being the Starfinder desert world of Akiton because I thought I might run a Starfinder game again. Then I got annoyed at an interaction with... people associated with Starfinder, and decided not to set it there. Then I decided that it was silly to be put off a game because of people so I re-set it there. It doesn't really matter, it can be any sci-fi desert environment.

The basic concept for this part - and I don't expect it to go on past a couple of weeks - is that humans ran a bazaar with attached lodgings and a health-giving fountain at a strange oasis of magical origin, but have now angered a water spirit by dumping an unspecified "evil purple pollutant", and were driven off or killed. Now the PCs are investigating for (some reason). Perhaps somebody important was held captive by the water spirit, or there are some riches below. I think this is a reasonable starting point anyway.

These scans are at the minimum level for my scanner, which is the one that I generally use to digitise film, so they are quite large per page.

Please note that there are seven toilets here. There are no toilets in the guard tower from week zero - the guards are presumably meant to use bushes or just go on the sand. I imagine there was a lot of argument about this before everyone was driven off by an irate supernatural entity anyway.

if you care about notebooks

I didn't use the Squarehex campaign notebooks that I talked about initially though they are good. In the end I wanted a notebook with weekly divisions set up already so I got a pair of weekly refills for the Traveller's Notebook from the London Graphic Centre. In fact I went into the centre of town on New Year's Eve to get them because I had nothing better to do, and proceeded to spend a whole lot of money on stationery on top of that. Money on stationery is money well spent so I have no issue with this.

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