dungeon23 update, week 2

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I've now finished off the "Haunted Oasis" section of my Dungeon23, which means I have no idea what to do next.

I planned to just do chunks of "dungeon" for Dungeon23, on the basis that (a) I'd get bored of the theme of any megadungeon and (b) I'd never use it anyway, so I would be better off writing a bunch of smaller locations which I could pick from. The flaw in this is that it means having to think of something new each time I finish a chunk, which I now have.

I may change my strategy - I had an idea that I could write something set in the Spike on Absalom Station for Starfinder. I've described Absalom Station as "a cyberpunk city sitting on top of a megadungeon" before, and I've run very odd dungeon-esque things in the Spike.

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