dungeon23 weeks 3 and 4

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A two-week update, though I did finish week 3 in time, trust me.

I got bored of the "haunted oasis" that I started with - also I finished that - and moved on to a different idea that was more conducive to a semi-endless pseudo-dungeon.

This starts out in an abandoned area of Absalom Station, in the Spike, the vast volume of "could be anything" below the populated areas. (I described Absalom Station as "a cyberpunk city on top of a megadungeon".)

In this case I envisaged starting at an entrance to an art gallery in an otherwise uninhabited area, previously occupied by an anarchist art collective, but which has mysteriously gone very quiet (perhaps not having been heard of for decades). A serious dimensional incursion resulted in super powerful alien entities possessing a number of carnival costumes that had been built and improvising on their intended themes, usually very badly and destructively.

Week 3 is quite straightforward but I like the archivist - always have somebody to talk to - who is very happy to give any information that he has, but by definition it is always bad in some way. Also there are lots of toilets here, including one that is a super-valuable relic but PCs are extremely unlikely to recognise as such and will probably blow up out of suspicion.

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Week 4 is more themed around a particular costume, the Friend In The Dark, the entity for which has picked up on the collective nature of the original artists but entirely misunderstood it and turned it into something appalling. I think if I ever ran this I would elaborate on exactly when the shadows produced lethal entities. It's possible to completely bypass this by simply never taking any of the resources involved and moving on, so what's in the storage room should be really tempting, or some other task should need what's in the workshop to complete.

week four, click for full version

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