dungeon23 - weeks five to nine

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whoa, there are five weeks, I'm really late with this

scanning is stressful, except that it isn't, and really it's a quick process, but anyway

week 5

This was when I started using erasable Frixion pens, but didn't like them much in the end. They're fine for drawing the maps but too fat to write with for me. It's part of the Starfinder Absalom Station dungeon that I started, so it has robots in it.

week 6

This one is also part of the Starfinder "dungeon" - a medium-sized cargo ship that had somehow crashed into the station without anyone doing anything about it. Stuff happens.

The main layout is vertical and I had an idea to have different gravity in different areas depending on whether the power was still on in some rooms. This was a nightmare to write for tbh, but I like the basic theme of "alien cargo spaceship crippled by greed demons".

week 7

For week 7 I gave up on the scifi theme (the vertical spaceship burned me out) and did a small fantasy one. It's pretty classic in lots of ways - it's got ghosts, a secret stairway that you operate by messing with statues, a crypt, and a giant gecko.

Most of it I'm pretty meh about but the ritual bath/oubliette part I liked and might definitely use elsewhere.

week 8

This is some sort of underground complex to do with exploiting plants via pain and fear, but losing control of that. Maybe for Numenera? I was reading Numenera at the time. It could work in a mix of sci-fi or fantasy contexts anyway, though you might have to replace "robot" with "construct" or something.

I also started to draw grid lines on the rooms which is something I like right now so am carrying on doing it.

week 9

This is another fantasy-but-flexible one - an old room complex with access to an underground river, used by smugglers, except their leader has become more and more obsessed with some of the things there. This could in fact be used in a game with the PCs being asked to stop whatever was possessing the leader by the smugglers themselves. I mean I have nothing against smugglers in principle, they don't have to be bad guys.

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