Simplenote Yojimbo Sync

Note: this is no longer maintained.

SimplenoteYojimboSync 2This is a syncing script between Simplenote and Yojimbo, first published on 2009-09-30.

If you would care to try it out, I would be delighted – please leave any comments, bug reports etc either on this page or on one of the blog posts referring to a version. (Even just “works as expected” would be appreciated.)


I don’t think this will hose either your Yojimbo or Simplenote files, it certainly hasn’t for me, but I can’t promise it on pain of death, so please insert the usual disclaimers regarding alpha software.



When first run, the script creates a collection called “Simplenote” in Yojimbo if there isn’t already one, and asks you for your email and password for Simplenote, which it will store in ~/Library/Application Support/Simplenote Yojimbo Sync. It should then perform an initial sync, downloading all of your Simplenote documents and putting them into the Simplenote folder as plain text notes in Yojimbo.

From then on, every time you run the script it will sync everything in that collection with everything in Simplenote. If you delete an item from one but not the other, it will re-appear.

The application stays open after being run, and will sync Yojimbo with Simplenote every hour until you manually quit it. You might wish to have it launch on startup.

SNYS has Growl support, which you will probably find a lot more convenient for notifications than dialog boxes.


If you put a rich text note into the folder it will sync, but may appear peculiar in Simplenote if there are any special characters. Also, if you then change it in Simplenote then sync, it will be downloaded as plain text and lose formatting in Yojimbo. So don’t put any valuable rich text notes in that folder.


SNYS uses functions from the PHP Simplenote API library written by Abraham Vegh. The icon contains Barebones’ Yojimbo 2.0 icon, and Simplenote’s icon, and also iSync’s icon, because I have no imagination.

Further information

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