SNYS Version History

v0.1 2009-09-27 13:11

  • Initial version
  • Basic sync to folder Simplenote

v0.11 2009-09-30 14:06

  • Growl support

v0.2 2009-10-11 12.17

  • Logging to ~/Library/Logs/SimplenoteYojimboSync.log
  • Version check
  • New sqliteQuery function

v0.21 2009-10-11 17.59

  • More logging to try to chase down bugs

v0.3 2009-10-12 14.34

  • Regular check with idle handler
  • Log format looks a bit different

v0.4 2011-03-17 22.33

  • To avoid duplication of notes if there is either an Applescript or Simplenote error resulting in the script thinking one or the other has zero notes, which seems to happen sometimes, SNYS now asks for confirmation in these circumstances, and the dialog will time out to failure if not responded to, preventing midnight note-duplication surprises.