This is a rebuild of an existing Wordpress site that I got bored with and didn't update for many years. It was originally about cameras and stationery and, you know, I still like those things, I just stopped liking Wordpress. However I am still opinionated.

why "chasing daisies"?

There's no deep meaning to it. When I registered the domain years ago, I was planning an abstract exploration game involving picking daisies. The game has gone through various iterations but never become anything playable. The domain is visible to the public at least.


I generate the site as static HTML using my own PHP homebrew static site generator Gyokuto, and a custom wrapper project for it. I write everything in Markdown, hit make deploy and it builds and uploads with rsync.

After Gyokuto generates the pages from my twig templates, the build script runs tidy and minify to check and squash my HTML and CSS.

about me

You might have guessed that I am a software developer. I also play and design and write various games, take photos, and "collect" (accumulate) stationery. I live in London, the one that is the capital of the UK.


If you want to contact me about this site or any of the articles on it, I'd suggest sending me a comment on Twitter.

This might be presumptuous but I'm not interested in any job offers. I have a job. Sorry but I thought I'd mention it given how much I've had issues with recruiters.