further redesign notes

⏳2021-05-19‍ 🔖 meta

Some observations on changes made to the site after the initial relaunch yesterday:

There are two things I'm concerned about it supporting:

  1. Comments. I'm not sure whether I want comments. I said originally that I didn't care but maybe I do. But even the simplest workable comment system, i.e. not a spam/troll magnet, would be as large as the rest of the site put together. Maybe just leave replies on a twitter post or something for now.

  2. Search. I have no great wish to write a search system, and you can just use a search engine with site:daisychase.net next to the query if you want to find anything. It might be nice to have a search box on the site which basically submits your search term and that, though, if that can be suitably small. I'll see. It's not a significant issue given the amount of content on here at the moment anyway.