updated tools and functions

⏳2021-05-26‍ 🔖 meta, starfinder

Some site updates...

  1. I added a section for my own Starfinder tools which, at the moment, only contains a Starfinder Species Generator - this is a simple generator for expected species of NPCs in an area, based on the demographic figures given in the sourcebooks.

  2. I added a search box, which you should see at the bottom of the page. This just submits your search query to DuckDuckGo specifically for this site, but DDG should have indexed all my pages and it's a much better way of implementing search than making my own system. Sometimes I am motivated to spend hours or days on creating pointless infrastructure, but sometimes I am not, and this is one of those latter times.

  3. oh and I've also been adding some more legacy blog entries. They won't appear on the front page but they're in the archive and the tag page.

    While looking back through the old ones I decided that almost all of the ones about cameras were just bad and uninspired and you could tell they were just made for the sake of making a blog post. The ones about notebooks and ink and fountain pens are much better - they were written by somebody who actually liked what they were doing. (The changeover date for these themes is really around the time I just finally went off blogging.)

    There are far too many camera blogs around anyway, though most of that stuff is on YouTube now, so maybe there's a market segment for "writing things down about cameras" I dunno.