markdown to chapbook convertor


I made a web tool that will convert suitably-spaced Markdown text to an HTML file that looks normal when you view it in a browser, but prints to be a chapbook in the Pocketfold format.

Here is the tool

You can see an example project made using this at - this is an entry I made for the Pocket Places Jam but then decided that I'd do a clever thing and have a generator that could make Pocketfolds. It's awkward to do this manually. Also, as I say on the project page:

One advantage of doing things this way is that you can print on any paper size you like - A4, US Letter, whatever. The original version was done with Affinity Designer which meant I had to start with a fixed size, and an A4 booklet printed on US Letter will need trimming before it can be folded (and vice versa).

The tool takes Markdown that you paste into the box and turns it into an HTML file with pages defined by where you put --- entries in the Markdown, i.e. horizontal lines.

Click the "create" button, and you'll see a normal-looking HTML representation of your Markdown file. You can save this with ctrl/cmd-S as standard.

Hit ctrl-P or cmd-P and you'll see that the print version is formatted as a Pocketfold. Set the page size (A4, US letter etc), remove margins, footers, and headers, and this will print to a foldable piece of paper - or you can print to a PDF.

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